About Us

What is Uptown?

One of the 50 official communities in the City of San Diego. Uptown includes six neighborhoods, between Old Town and North Park.

Why was Uptown United created?

To tie-together the efforts of various neighborhood groups and individuals.

Why now?

The Uptown community is in trouble. The city planners have targeted our neighborhoods for high-density development, without regard to the effect on citizens, and without planning for the needed public facilities:

  • Transportation system
  • Parks, including sports fields, picnic areas, running trails & dog parks
  • Recreation centers and a swimming pool

Who are we?

Uptown United consists of people from all six neighborhoods, including residents, business owners, and people who work in the community. Other members are people who come to Uptown for entertainment or recreation.

What’s our goal?

To improve the quality of life in the Uptown Community. Our first project is to get a viable Community Plan which has appropriate density and heights, and properly planned transportation and parks.