Uptown Alert: Please Read and forward to neighbors

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Residents of the Uptown Community:
Three important meetings are coming up.  With the new Community Plan and Zoning, the future of our community will be determined.   Will we have:
  • Moderate development, which maintains the livability & historic character?
  • Or excessive density and heights with huge increases in traffic?
The City’s plan is completely different from the plans which the neighborhood groups proposed.  The special interests are trying to take over.  That’s why people refer to this as “The hijacking of the community plan”.
The attached flyer includes the names, email addresses and mailing address for the city officials. Please write to them.
To include in your letter:
  • That  responsible development is important for Uptown.
  • They should support these two approaches:
    1. The Density Redistribution Alternative, which is a sensible plan for all the neighborhoods.
    2. 65 ft height limit in Hillcrest, 50 ft in Mission Hills.
Regarding meetings: There are three hearings:   10/6, 10/19 and 11/15.
For now, we are focusing on:
Thursday, Oct. 6
City Hall, 202 C Street
Meet between 8:30 & 8:45 am, in the 12th floor hall

October 2, 2016